My marvellous LT40 4x4

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My marvellous LT40 4x4

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I am selling my beautiful Expedition Van.
Here are some photos:
Tell me if you can see them.
Otherwise I send them another way.

Having become 80% disabled, I must now part with it.
Notice to passionate!
Warning: Note that it is 4T approved.

The vehicle is in the South of France (34700 Lodève).

If the price is so low for such a nice LT (whereas it was appraised to 17.500 €), it is because the motor has to be changed or repared. And this price could be lower, I explain you why.

It has been produced in 1990.
I bought it in 2009 for 19.000 € and I equipped it for 5000 €.
This motorhome is a treat.

The flood of a river drowned the engine during 5 hours, but the motor is well sealed.
We opened it and there was not a drop of water in it.
We turned it manually from below; it was turning.
A friend told me, "In 3 days I'm taking care of it," but the months passed and as he had not covered the motor, it stucked, so it has to be changed or repared.
We find here used motors between 300 and 1500 €.
I just started to search one, because I found a technician who agrees to mount it.
I think electrical circuits have also to be checked (despite it works).
If I make the repair, the selling price will be 14.000 €.
But I would prefer to free myself from this worry and to sell it to someone passionate.

I found a very clever technician. The van is in his garage and he is ready to work.
He loves the LT and does not ask a lot of money.

For the price of a new engine, I already found used engines between 1750 and 2700 €, at professionals spare parts specialists, but also an announcement of sale of an identical engine near my home, 300 €, which of course been sold before I had time to react...

However, my mechanic believes that the best is to repair this engine and not to change it, because they are indestructible engines and the blockage is perhaps less serious than imagined. His problem is that currently my cash is blocking me to give him the green light. He also want to check the entire electrical circuit and perform all necessary oil changes, for a serious repair.

The exact description of the engine is as follows:
It is a 4x4 TD 102hp (75 kW) 6 cylinder turbo diesel for LT40 of 1990 (a well known Volvo engine).

The body is in very good condition.
There are only 6 very small rust spots that have been stopped with painting.
To do things seriously, it will be necessary to treat them properly afterwards.
The floor is in perfect condition, solid and rust free.
I'll see the LT on Saturday and I'll take pictures from everywhere.

To cross Russia or Canada or Africa this vehicle is the ideal.
The driving is nice, the interior space is big, with many well-designed storage.
It is well isolated. And I love the purring of the engine.

In Poland, they still have many dirt roads and the LT40 4x4 still circulates everywhere.
And there, the engines are worth just 200 €.

The equipment has not been retested.
We must therefore expect surprises.
That's why I think it would be honest lowering my price.

For any question, please ask me.

Here is a complete description:

Expedition camper Volkswagen LT40 4x4

- First registration 16/01/1990.
- It belonged to a senior couple who made a trip to Norway, then to a couple who made a trip to Morocco.
- I only circulated around Lodeve: Salagou and Larzac (I am writer looking for peace to work in the woods).
- The engine is 168,120 km, but it must be changed (by the purchaser or by me).
- The engine is a 4x4 TD 102hp (75 kW) 6 cylinder turbo diesel for LT40 of 1990 (Volvo motor).
- It is a non-permanent 4x4 (engaged from the driving position).
- Transfer box in good condition 5 long and 5 short speeds.
- Differential lock AV - AR from the dashboard.
- 240 liters of diesel fuel: 2 x 120 liter tanks with transfer pump between the two on the dashboard.
- Timing belt changed again in April 2011.
- The 2 air filters and the oil filter changed in April 2011.
- Schnorkel
- Rear brakes changed in May 2012.
- Other parts changed before 2009: cylinder head, camshaft, starter and alternator (see invoices).
- Pneumatic tires in perfect condition (5 wheels + 2 spare tires).
- Bodywork: a few rare rust spots to be treated (they were stopped).
- Overall height: 2.90 m (category 2 on french highway).
- 200 liters of drinking water: frost-proof stainless steel tank, with separation, filter and 15 m hose.
- New INOV TECH water pump.
- Waste water tank 35 liters.
- 125W solar panel (to be changed).
- New low-end high-end auxiliary battery (VICTRON).
- High-end VICTRON converter (new) 12v> 220v (optional).
- 220V external charge socket.
- Auxiliary battery charging system while driving (new).
- SCHEIBER electrical panel and STECA regulator.
- 12v, 220v and USB sockets.
- Radio CD.
- GASPERINI gas electricity generator (automatically recharges the battery when the solar panel is insufficient, silent operation).
- Refrigerator RM 4211 DOMETIC new mixed sort of 70 liters with small freezer (12v / 220v / gas).
- Cumulus hot water 12 liters heated with gas.
- Eberspacher gas oil heating + separate gas heating.
- 2 cubes of gas.
- Solid oak interior and stainless steel very good finish.
- WC closed chemical corner.
- 3 comfortable beds.
- Numerous storage.
- Awning of 3,5m.
- Transparent rooflight.
- Good insulation, good ventilation.
- Bike carrier in the back.
- Steps (side and rear).
- Many camping accessories.
- Gray card VASP 5 places.
- Battery to change.
- Trailer hitch (front and rear).
- External storage.
- Passenger mirror.
- Buffalo front.
- Built-in gas network.
- Stainless steel sink and hob.
- The rear seats have 3 positions: towards the table, towards the front seats and bed
- Design of very good taste.
- Outdoor shower.
- Level shims (to horizontalize the vehicle).
- Indicators of fore / aft and lateral horizontality.
- Compass.
- Gallery with removable ladder.
- Mosquito nets and sun pares.
- Comfortable seats.
- Many accessories.
- Service book, invoices.
- Original Vehicle Manual, All Equipment User Manual, LT Repair Manual.
- Large file files related to LT, including a photo gallery (which gives ideas).

Driving pleasant and easy, good nervousness, flexible steering, very short turning radius.
Peak speed 100 km /h.
Very robust vehicle.
Raised chassis (beautiful mechanics)
It always starts (quarter turn and in all weathers).
A rare opportunity.
28.jpg (154.93 KiB) 1419-mal betrachtet
13.jpg (295.7 KiB) 1419-mal betrachtet
14.jpg (268.8 KiB) 1419-mal betrachtet
7.jpg (227.74 KiB) 1419-mal betrachtet
6 Arrière.jpg
6 Arrière.jpg (214.09 KiB) 1419-mal betrachtet
5 Ouverture latérale.jpg
5 Ouverture latérale.jpg (281.98 KiB) 1419-mal betrachtet
4.jpg (271.04 KiB) 1419-mal betrachtet
3.jpg (279.99 KiB) 1419-mal betrachtet
2.jpg (324.57 KiB) 1419-mal betrachtet
1.jpg (301.12 KiB) 1419-mal betrachtet
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